Everything starts with an idea.


Rhubarb Fool is a 360° content-creation, brand marketing and design agency. Comprising a small but cohesive team of creatives, designers, digital experts, videographers and social media strategists, we define and design brands – then we let the people who matter most know all about them …

Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Brand Implementation.


The world of travel and tourism is pretty busy. Defining your brand’s identity can help you stand out from the crowd, and helping you achieve that is our aim. We’ll only fulfill this aim by working closely with you. We want to understand how your business works, how your customers behave and most importantly how you want your business to communicate with its customers.

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In the complex world of mass communication, we believe the simplest ideas have the greatest impact. Our approach to language is based on a deeply held appreciation of simplicity. We know that that the right words, when chosen carefully, can make your brand a part of people’s lives.


Creative, Graphic Design, Animation, Print & Web Design.

The look and feel of a brand can play a huge role in your success.

We want your brand’s design to reflect what your brand means to you. That way, it can achieve a unique position within a busy market-place.

We’re also clear about the challenges we face.

Today’s customers are being exposed to brand information throughout their waking hours. We know we can’t allow a brand to be one-dimensional.

Your brand has to convey the personality and character of your product in a way that encourages your customers to develop an attachment to it that is both practical and emotional. Once we have met this challenge, we know that the desirability of the brand has to be maintained. We’ll achieve this through the light touch of brand evolution and the more direct process of brand consolidation.

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Consultancy & Delivery

Any successful tourism marketing strategy is going to be based on a clear understanding of 
why your customer chooses you, your product and your services. We need to understand what need or wish your product satisfies.

But in itself this is not enough. Your customer group is not homogenous. We’ll need to understand the sub-groups (based around age, location, income
 and social placement) that exist within it.


Doing this will let us offer a more bespoke communication strategy that can be delivered to all your customers. We also know that identifying the most product-receptive customers (and letting them develop as product champions) will hasten the diffusion of a product and a brand.

Once we have identified the most receptive customer groups, we’ll consolidate your brand’s relationship with them, as well as identify where and how new relationships need to be built. Our approach to these challenges is multi-disciplinary.

We combine traditional print advertising with digital and social media collateral. We want your marketing investment to work for you across as many formats as possible. Good marketing practice will allow your business to define itself to its customers. It will also determine the foothold your business will take in its marketplace.

Good marketing must be built on the foundations of your philosophy and your values. This will let your business maintain its integrity and it will support a joined-up marketing strategy.

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