Content marketing and copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part II


Content marketing and copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part II

Content marketing and copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part II

Are these just different legs of the same (chocolate) table? Purchase

Content Marketing. It's the Chocolate.

Before examining the subtleties and processes of content marketing, please take a moment to see it as your favourite bar of chocolate. Be that a Nestle Crunch or a Bourneville, bear that bar in mind. Because we’re going to come back to it.

Now let's get an understanding of Content Marketing from the top of the tree. The Content Marketing Institute defines it as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.” The end game of content marketing is to elicit a positive action from a potentially profitable punter.

Content marketing is facing enormous challenges today, as traditional marketing methods have lost currency and connection. TV adverts are increasingly shunned, as people's ability to exert control over their televisual experiences have increased. You only have to look at the box-set generation spawned by service providers like Lovefilm and set in stone by more recent providers like Netflix and Hulu.

Magazine advertisements haven't fared much better. Most readers are skilled at identifying and engaging with the content that interests them, while ignoring the attempts to unburden them of their pocket money. The wrapper comes off the bar of chocolate increasingly quickly now. Online advertising - once considered the future of marketing- hasn't got any easier either. As people have become more adept at navigating the web, so they have become better able to surf their way to the information that applies to them. Not many of

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The objective of Content Marketing isn't only to attract customers. It's also to keep them engaged by consistently creating and acquiring content that offers value and relevance. Clearly, this is an ongoing process that has to be fully integrated into marketing plans and strategies.


So let's consider content marketing as your favourite bar of chocolate. It pushes all

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