Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part III


Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part III

Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part III

Are these just different legs of the same (chocolate) table?

Copy writing. It's the Cocoa.

Excuse my indolence, but I'd like to lean on Wikipedia for a definition of copy writing. It offers simplicity and clarity by describing this process as "writing copy [or text] for the purpose of advertising or marketing.” So it's copy that's written with the purpose of persuading a potential customer to purchase a product, or adopt a desirable belief or idea. At its core, copy writing is one of the elements of creating and rolling out a content marketing strategy. It's an ingredient.

So let's think of copy writing as the cocoa in the chocolate. Cocoa offers the chocolate much of its taste and colour. It's the ingredient that probably plays more of a role than any other in determining the quality of the final product. That delicious bar of chocolate.

But let's not forget. There are only good bars of chocolate because there are bad bars of chocolate. And let's not even go to the experience of us who were kids in the seventies and had to put up with chocolate that bore a broad approximation to chocolate. But wasn't actually chocolate. We’ve all experienced the disappointment of an insipid, overly sugared and cheap bar of chocolate. Just as we know what we want. We also know what we want to avoid.

Content now looks like it's going to be the future of marketing. It seems quite clear to me that it's the present of marketing. But knowing an effective method

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is no guarantee of success. The nature of modern media is that information falls on audiences like rain during a British winter. Consumers are effectively being bombarded with information on a daily basis. People's response to this downpour is a simple coping mechanism. Consumers have become experts at skimming and weeding out what they don't want, so that they can focus on the information that seems to them relevant and worthwhile.

So the modern marketer must recognise and conform to consumer behaviour if they want to succeed. Delicious online content is now at the very core of effective marketing. Content so delicious that it makes a person stop, read, think and act. Today's consumers covet content that delivers the same satisfying experience as their favourite bar of chocolate.

Bearing this in mind, it is essential to develop strategies designed to deliver effective content marketing. It's got to be packed full of the best ingredient. In this instance that is going to be quality, tempting copy. So what are the keys to delivering this? Simple. Knowledge and empathy. Content marketing need not be a complicated process. But it is going to involve knowing a little about what makes your audience tick.

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