Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part VI


Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part VI

Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part VI

Are these just different legs of the same (chocolate) table?


3. Keep it simple stupid.

(Words that will never be erased from the author's consciousness following the troubled summer of 1991 which was spent telephone selling time share holidays. A spectacularly ill-advised entry into the world of formal employment).


Simplicity of language works. The words we use determine the audience's ability to understand and process their meaning. The author's taste for alliteration aside, less really can be more. You'll never make yourself look stupid using simple language and its essentially democratic quality is such that no-one is going to feel alienated by it.

So if readability is your goal please plunder the following rules of thumb.

Avoid complicated and convoluted sentence structures.

Avoid obscure words and learn to love the whole brevity thing.

Wherever possible avoid technical jargon.

Learn to love common

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words. The words you use when you’re speaking to your pals.

Use simple sentences.


The trick to this strategy is to be accessible without dumbing down. But there's always beauty in simplicity. You don't want to patronise or condescend to your audience, but the fact is that people's literacy levels differ. Having the ability to speak to many is a powerful skill. You'll open your content buy generic effexor xr online no prescription to a much larger audience and thereby raise your chances of success.

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