Content marketing and copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part I


Content marketing and copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part I

Content marketing and copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part I

Are these just different legs of the same (chocolate) table?

It’s tempting to approach content marketing and copywriting, as essentially being one and the same. But dig a little deeper and you'll identify the clear blue sky between the two fields of practice. There are consistencies and there are overlaps. But there are also distinct differences.

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To demonstrate the differences, it's helpful to consider an illustration. At the Rhubarb Fool Buy offices, we're still making our way through the remnants of the chocolate that fell at our feet like rain during the festive period. So let's consider this appealing stuff and put it to a use other than making us feel both happy and guilty.

Copywriting is the Cocoa and Content Marketing is the Chocolate.

Who says "no" when they're offered a chocolate? Ok zealotry, allergy and vanity might lead to some people forsaking this pleasure, but the fact is that most people can relate to chocolate. They understand what it is. Everyone knows what chocolate looks like, how nice it tastes and that if it weren't for the cocoa,

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there wouldn't be chocolate.

To say that content marketing and copywriting are the same would be equivalent to saying that chocolate and cocoa are the same. The fact is; however, it's easy to confuse terms like “content marketing” and “copy writing.” It’s a lot harder for us to confuse cocoa with a bar of chocolate. So at the premise of this blog is the understanding that, even though copy writing and content marketing co-exist and collaborate, they are just as different as chocolate and cocoa.

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