Developing a great brand story with Rhubarb Fool Part IV


Developing a great brand story with Rhubarb Fool Part IV

Your brand - your story


Don't hide yourself away. Your customers want to get a clear sense of you in the brand story you're presenting. If this story doesn't carry this sense of who you are, it could appear detached from reality. Likewise, if your brand story is presented from a purely commercial aspect, then it can detract from the personal message you're trying to get across. While we're smart enough to recognise when we're customers, it doesn't necessarily follow that we want to be treated like customers all the time. Your brand story should engage people to think about the future, but it should do this with clear reference to your present.

Make it actionable. There's no room for coyness. Your brand story has to give a clear indication of what you would like to happen thereafter . So offer your customers some clear direction about how they can join in. A brand purchase is generally how customers demonstrate their engagement. Loyalty is the affirmation that people have achieved an holistic connection with the brand.

But do remember there's a thin line between the warm feeling of being guided and the cold feeling of being directed. It's an irony that sometimes the most compelling stories can be somewhat opaque in offering a message about how they are to be actioned. Instead, they put up the signs and let their customers find their own paths.

Be accessible. The wondrous possibilities that you're doing your best to conjure up in your consumers' minds have to be attainable. There's no point in offering an objective that is out of your consumers' reach.


We're approaching the festive season,so prepare for your screens to become inundated with advertisements for men's and women's scents. These ads might be dripping with haute couture, outrageous beauty and artistic style. But what all consumers know is that for the price of a few hours' work, they can bring a little piece of that glamour into their own lives. And smell nice to boot.

A good brand story needs to push the boundaries, but it must still feel accessible, or people simply won’t be willing to take the time

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