Developing a great brand story with Rhubarb Fool Part V


Developing a great brand story with Rhubarb Fool Part V

Your brand online  - your story

Be desirable. We're in the business of carrots, not sticks here. It's vital the the message your customers are offered is that there are better reasons for making the effort and reaching out for that carrot, then then are reasons for not doing making this effort.


Every story has to lead us somewhere. It's your job to make that place look absolutely wonderful. The anticipation and the uncertainty of this wonderful place needs to go through your story like Brighton goes through a stick of rock. As I sit here writing this on my I-pad, it's impossible to ignore what this brand did. Each story Apple presents offers to take you to a place that's better than the place that they've already taken you to. That's why so many of its customers are waiting for “just one more thing”.

Sharing is caring. Make your story so exciting that it will grow legs of its own, as people want to talk about it. And if you're going to do this properly, then you want the people you've engaged to be able to easily access the means of justifying your story to others. Without that, the call to action is  so much more difficult to make. It doesn't hurt to think of your sharers as your marketeers. And they're essentially extremely powerful marketeers, as their credibility as brand ambassadors is so much more difficult to question.

Creating a great brand story is a highly challenging, but equally rewarding piece of work to undertake for a customer. It offers the means of establishing a place in consumers' hearts and minds. But don't expect any short-cuts or quick fixes. It's a strategy that will require consideration, thought and creativity at every juncture.

You might think that some of the points set out above feel too prescriptive. And in a sense it's that sort of thinking (resisting the allure of guide books and the paint by numbers approach) that we encourage at Rhubarb Fool. But sitting down with your team and trying to produce a great brand story (albeit a hypothetical brand story) is a great way of exploring your resources and establishing a sense of joint purpose.

If you're minded to attempt this task, just bear in mind:


Establish credibility.

Make your story ring true.

Suggest prior acquaintance.

Be consistent.

Be distinctive.

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Be imaginative.

Be specific.

Don't hide yourself away.


Make it actionable.

Be accessible.

Be desirable.

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