Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

Rhubarb Fool worked closely with Harvey Nichols and Premier Tax Free to put the iconic London department store on the itineraries of every Arabic visitor to the capital for summer 2015.

We collaborated with the Middle East’s three most renowned fashion personalities: Tala Samman, Tamara Al-Gabanni, and The Fashion Hub, bringing them to London to indulge in the Harvey Nichols experience, then dress their own mannequins in their own unique style.

With hundreds and thousands of followers, our fashionistas then launched a social media campaign, spanning blogs, tweets and Instagram posts, to capture the imagination of Arabic visitors before and during their stays in London.

The bespoke and incredibly stylish mannequins were prominently displayed at Harvey Nichols post Ramadan.The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.

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