How to get ahead of the game in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


How to get ahead of the game in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

How to get ahead of the game in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Get to the top of the tree in Google and the evidence shows that you’ll get a 35% click through rate.

If you’re down at tenth, the click through rate drops to 2%.

Numbers like this can make or break your business. You’re much more likely to win the race from pole position.

But what’s the best way getting there? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fast-moving and fast-changing business. Its essentially challenging nature can make the voices suggesting it is dead seem rather seductive.

But don’t be fooled for a minute.

The fact that Google continues to update its algorithms, means that the role of SEO is evolving, but it can still remain an essential element of a successful marketing strategy.

So, the question is what does SEO mean in 2014?

SEO was once a kind of search engineering. Search results were engineered to deliver the greatest quantity of traffic.

There were of course different forms of engineering. From high density keyword placement to link-building.

Those engaged in SEO were always trying to find ways around the system to meet their objectives. It seems that seeing this, Google realised that a focus on quantity rather than quality was being encouraged.

This was at odds with its objectives and so it decided to change the game.

Google made a series of changes to its algorithms and sites suddenly became penalised for being ‘over-optimised’. Subsequently in terms of SEO; what worked on Sunday, stopped working on Monday.

There was a clear rationale for Google’s actions. What it always wanted was to put the user’s experience at the heart of all decisions. It wanted quality, not quantity.

Quality meant straightforward navigation, attractive design, well-functioning link structures, high quality written content, rich and diverse inbound links and good Meta data. And it worked.

Google essentially made the sellers work harder, so that the experiences of the users became easier. What this means for a business in terms of its internet presence is very simple. It’s the old adage. The more you put in the more you’ll get out.

Think of Google as an eco-system that operates by the simplest rule. The fittest will survive and prosper.

Your site has to be on the money, or you might as well forget it. There’ll be others striving to achieve perfection and they’ll climb over you to get to the top.

If this is a challenge you’re able and willing to meet then SEO can still underpin the success of your business. There are only two certainties in the field SEO. It will always be changing and evolving

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(as users’ habits change and evolve) and while people use search engines, there’ll always be a need for SEO.



Content needs to live, breathe and engage. Make it good and up-date it regularly.


Choose and use the right ones. Have a look at Google Analytics to identify what phrases lead to the most goal conversions.


Be unique. You want an individualised key phrase that hasn’t got much competition.


Apply keywords sparingly. The ratio of keyword density wants to be about 3%.


A press or news room on your site can enable great updated content.


Putting your key-words in bold or italic text works. So do bullet points.


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Make sure videos are tagged with the relevant keywords and you’ll get higher.


Be sure these are optimised. Using keywords in the title is a must as is the use of alt tag of the images you’ve used.


Hyperlink phrases that include your keywords.



Google Analytics is there to help you. Don’t be a stranger.

Rhubarb Fool provides an SEO service to a number of clients. An initial service is offered where we ensure the website is fully optimized (1) and an on-going service that ensures the site finds its way onto the first page of Google and Bing (2).

1) There are various things we can do in the first instance with the core content: · Build a clear navigational structure within the site · Tag the core content correctly · Develop a keyword strategy and improving keyword density · Add anchor text links · Build separate site maps · Tag up all images with alt-text · Arrange for a backlink exchange between key clients, specifically the tourism boards. 2) But to really climb onto the first page of Google searches, the site must have well tagged, original, and importantly, freshly updated content. Content that is interesting enough to be shared. If required we would generate original news on a weekly basis, manage social media channels and ensure a regular newsletter was sent out, ensuring continued exposure for the site and vastly improved SEO.

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