Marketing a small business on a shoe-string with Rhubarb Fool Part III


Marketing a small business on a shoe-string with Rhubarb Fool Part III

Follow Rhubarb Fool's top tips on marketing a small business

7. Make feedback work for you

Got a happy punter? Trouble them for a little of their time to set out a few words about how you made it all work for them. Most customers are happy to offer a reference if they're asked, but you can't expect them to take this initiative themselves. References can open doors to a bunch of new customers. If you're not seeking them out, you could be missing new opportunities.

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8. Go the extra mile.


It can be a lot easier (and cheaper) to keep a customer, than to get a new one. So work your customer base. Establish strong relationships by personalising interactions and making your customer feel that you really understand their aspirations and needs. If you fancy using a broader brush, why not try an email campaign. But be careful with this. You don't want your customer getting too used to deleting your communications. Make sure you send material that your customer enjoys reading and looks forward to receiving.


9. Count on a coupon

Not an idea that would have much currency in the creative communities of Shoreditch, or Soho; but

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there's still currency in coupons. Research demonstrates that there's a feel good factor associated with using a coupon and that people will go out of their way to do so. And when a customer uses a coupon, you can extend their loyalty by offering them another one.

10. Freebies

An important factor of the faith that you have in your product has to be the belief that if someone has the good fortune to try your product, then they're going to end up wanting more of it. So don't be afraid to offer out free trials or samples. It's quite clear that it's going to be

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easier for a customer to purchase a product, if they know what they're getting and they know that they like it.

So there we have it. Ten cost-effective marketing strategies will help you to engage customers, enthuse existing customers, extend relationships, and ultimately establish your brand at the forefront of people's consciousness. Sometimes you don't have to throw money at a situation to deliver results. A little time and effort can be just as effective in promoting your brand.

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