Social media is just like … football Part I


Social media is just like … football Part I

Social media is just like … football   Part I

Rhubarb Fool online attempts to apply its love of the beautiful game to the challenges presented to small businesses by social media

Gary Vaynerchuk, the best-selling author and the man considered by many to be the king of social media, recently compared social media strategy to boxing. Gary broke down social media strategy into five simple words: “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!”

While we at Rhubarb Fool don't wish to detract from the pugilistic analogy, our love is for the beautiful game. As such, we're more inclined to base our sporting analogies on football. At Rhubarb Fool we’re not thinking about “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!” We’re thinking about “Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Shoot!”

So what do such analogies actually mean? The passing analogy is useful

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to a point because in a game of football a good pass will create space and opportunity. But the relationship between you and your customers is not really, as adversarial as the relationship between two football teams playing each other. You won't build opportunity by breaking your customer down. You'll do it by offering something of value to them. So for the Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Shoot! analogy you could read instead: “Offer Something of Value, Offer Something of Value, Offer Something of Value, Offer Something of Value, Pitch”.


It could also be reasonably argued that the world of social media is far more confusing, complex and sometimes more overwhelming than a match of football. Social media can be difficult to navigate and its constantly evolving nature is such that only routine use of and exposure to it will allow expertise to develop. Just as the great professional footballer trains every day and maintains a dedicated (and sometimes all consuming) focus on their game: so the social media professional will dedicate themselves to maintaining a position at the forefront of innovation, development and effectiveness in their industry.

But let's be clear. Most of us are too busy running business to dedicate ourselves entirely to social media. The luxury of staying abreast of all that is new and exciting in this field is simply not viable if you’re spinning a dozen other plates. So please indulge us at Rhubarb Fool and let us critically assess the elements of practice than can lead to mis-placed effort and undesired outcomes. We’ll apply our football analogy to some social media faux pas. In this series of posts we’re going to set out seven of them for your consideration:




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