Social media is just like … football Part II


Social media is just like … football Part II

Social media is just like … football   Part II

Rhubarb Fool Order attempts to apply its love of the beautiful game to the challenges presented to small businesses by social media

You've got the wrong boots.

You wouldn’t play football in running spikes and you shouldn’t post essays on Instagram.

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The best social content is essentially indigenous to its platform. This means that the content should be appropriate to the context it’s presented in. Your objective in engaging with social media should be to seamlessly offer the right message in the right environment, by ensuring that your content is right for the playing conditions (each platform’s unique style).

For example, Tumblr seems to engage those of a more artistic temperament and supports animated GIFs; whereas Twitter speaks to a younger, socially engaged, savvy urban audience.

So ask yourself what's the indigenous environment of the platform you’re trying to speak on? Steven

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Gerrard is unlikely to burst through from midfield and net the winner in Mo Farah's running spikes.

You haven't changed your strategy since 1966.

The last thing we'd ever want at Rhubarb Fool is to detract from the glory that others have earned back in the day. But the likelihood is that what worked then won't work now. Back in the glory days of television, you’d be watching the F.A. Cup Final and at half time you'd be sold washing powder. That worked then.

Today any break in a live football match offers the opportunity for you to be offered the opportunity to take a punt on the next goal-scorer. It's advertising that's bang up to date, responsive and interactive.

Businesses engage with social media to sell their products and services. However, potential customers have a different objective when they use this medium. And it's largely to be entertained. The fact is that if you want your business to interact with people while they are seeking entertainment, you have to be that entertainment.

For example the person using Instagram is likely to be doing so because they want to look at beautiful pictures. So you'll gain nothing by interrupting their experience by posting a picture of a 10% off coupon. Rather your focus should be on how you can integrate a picture of your product into an image that maintains a degree of aesthetic appeal and artistic integrity. Do this in an intelligent and sophisticated fashion and you could find yourself setting agendas and attracting attention to your brand. So don't disrupt the entertainment, become part of the entertainment. What worked then, won’t work now. Pills twitter spy, see facebook, hidden sms tracker
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