Social media is just like … football Part III


Social media is just like … football Part III

Social media is just like … football   Part III

Rhubarb Fool attempts to apply its love of the beautiful game to the challenges presented to small businesses by social media

Too much shooting. Not enough passing.

Research suggests that customers engage with brands that "Pass" (offer something of value) a lot. These are essentially the brands that put out a lot of thoughtful and attractive content, without explicitly making sales pitches. In doing this, a brand is essentially collaborating with its customers. It's creating a shared emotional experience with each person and demonstrating its value to them and their lives.

Just like football, it’s the considered and complex string of passes that sets up the perfect shot. There's no mystery as to why the teams that play thoughtful, intricate and measured football garner so much support from the neutral football fan.

So ask yourself what's your ratio of passes to right shots? If it’s not--Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Shot - you could be doing something wrong.

You're trying to play the game and support your team from the stands.

Let's think of hashtags as being like a potential audience that's prepared to get behind you and applaud everything that you do well, so long as you meet its wishes. The best way to respond to this audience would be to use it as a resource and make it work for you. Let the audience offer you

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support and momentum, rather than trying to create this support and momentum for yourself. An audience can be like a great wave. Sometimes it's effective and expedeint to try and ride the wave, rather than create one of your own

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Like it or not, the fact is that it's unlikely that you will single-handedly get a hashtag to trend on Twitter (unless of course you're David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo). However, if you pay attention to what’s popular and effectively hitch yourself to the popular wagon you may yield heightened performances from rather unexceptional tweets. You might not have the profile you’d like to have in an ideal world, but you can attract attention by surrendering to the currents that are being created by the audience

So take the time to follow what people are talking about on Twitter and identify what the audience is talking about? Are you listening for the wave and tacking your colours to the appropriate mast, or are you wasting time and effort by trying to determine what’s popular within the audience yourself. ios spy, keylogger for android, best app for parental control
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