Social media is just like … football Part IV


Social media is just like … football Part IV

Social media is just like … football   Part IV

Rhubarb Fool  Buy attempts to apply its love of the beautiful game to the challenges presented to small businesses by social media


Pills You’re passing the ball backwards.

It seems that a lot of people are still making the mistake of beginning their tweets with an “@”. This serves only to make the tweets invisible on their followers’ streams, unless they are following that other tagged handle as well.


If you insist on starting a tweet with tagging another account, put a full-stop in front of the “@” so the tweet is visible to all of your followers.

You think that the World Cup should never be played in Qatar. 


Maybe it shouldn’t. But you can’t afford to ignore the new in favour of the old all the time.  You might see Snapchat as little more than an adolescent phase. (Remember “Phasebook”). Your assessment might ultimately be proved correct. But it would be a folly to ignore a social platform whose users send 400 million messages each day. Snapchat has a core audience whose ages are between 13 and 25. It’s already fulfilling a vital function in the way that the next generation shares things with each other and communicates with each other.

We don’t dispute that it’s going to be difficult to play your game in circumstances that might be unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  But sometimes it’s the boat that heads out to sea in the storm that lands the biggest haul of fish.

So ask yourself. Are you playing it safe with the unfamiliar? Are you letting others find out the lie of the land in these emerging markets? Or are you learning and adapting so that you can prevail in spheres that may initially seem unattractive.

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