Social media is just like … football Part V


Social media is just like … football Part V

Social media is just like … football   Part V

Rhubarb Fool attempts to apply its love of the beautiful game to the challenges presented to small businesses by social media

You think that inventing the game gives you a right to be pre-eminent within it.

Pills online Let’s lean on the wisdom of Gary Vaynerchuk again. “Forget Mad Men, and f*ck Don Draper,” he wrote, firmly avoiding beating about the bush. Gary bases his views on his belief that: “Don Draper lived in an easy world where … you could spend your whole career working to figure out how the print and television markets worked".

This is not the reality we are now confronted with. This world, the one we are all trying to negotiate is evolving every second, of every day.

If you want to use your resources diffusing your brand’s story on social media (highly advisable) and if that effort and resource is going to translate into commercial results (which it will), then you need to open yourself to the fact that what’s succeeded in the past may have no relevance to what will succeed in the future. There are no divine rights here, no matter how innovative or good you or your business might once have been.

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The rules of the game now are defined by Order Purchase micro-content, moments of inspiration, the riding of waves and banishing any sense of entitlement.

So ask yourself: Am I up to the task of keeping up to speed and following a path full of deviations and unanticipated turns? Can I compete in the dynamic world of social media? We believe that with effort, enterprise and enthusiasm; you’ll find it a world that offers more opportunities than challenges.sms tracker, spy software text, mobile phone tracker
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