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Digital design, branding and content part III

Rhubarb Fool shares 10 benefits of quality web design


Content and design should co-exist in harmony on your site. Always remember that it will take visitors some effort to try and understand what you’re trying to say. So make sure you don’t:

  • say it in blocks of small text
  • set out your text in an unattractive way
  • use tools of navigation that aren’t straightforward.
  • allow your “calls to action” to be confused.

Any such imperfections serve only to drive visitors away. The job of a good designer is to work with your content. They’ll deliver it with clarity and visual appeal, so that it directs your visitors to do what you want them to do.


Choice of fonts, text spacing and contrast are the sort of details that make a significant difference to the overall quality of your site. Such subtleties could be overlooked by those happier with function than design. But ultimately it’s is these subtleties that can determine how readable and functional the site is.


Your expertise is your business. The chances are that your expertise is not web-design. Sometimes you’ll actually benefit from making a trade off by focusing on what actually works for the web, rather than what actually works for you. When you pay the premium for a professional web designer, you’re paying for some who as the experience of translating ideas into web pages.



Everybody wants a good deal. But how many times have we all regretted convincing ourselves that the great price we’ve been offered would actually deliver a great quality product. It’s quite possible to try to buy into the promise of getting high-quality design services and ending up spending time and money having to get someone else to put a bad job right. You’ll never run a business well if you don’t try and secure value for money in your purchases. But our experience is that good design takes time. As such, it costs money.


Business owners and web designers need to take a completely collaborative approach to creating a website. The process involves communication, a to and fro of ideas, conflict and compromise. If you can go through this process and deliver a satisfactory outcome, you’ll be at a point of establishing a long term commercial relationship.



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The foundations that should be laid by good quality web-design should offer a solid foundation from which improvements and embellishments can be made. It may be that you want to want to add a new product, or include a new service. Whatever the case may be, your site should already have have a suitably strong aesthetic to allow you to move forwards rather than to retread old ground.

So if you’re looking for some guidance in the field of web-design why not contact us at Rhubarb Fool. What you’ll find is a process that will be all about you. Not us. Pills gps spy, keylogger for iphone, spytomobile

Digital design, branding and content part I

Rhubarb Fool shares 10 benefits of quality web design

In any new industry, it’s been our experience that self definition can come to play a big role in determining a service provider’s skills and abilities. We’ve certainly met a lot of web designers. But a lot of the web designers we’ve met have actually been individuals who are quite capable of building a website, but believe that this ability somehow bestows on them the ability to design a website. Self belief; however, is necessarily a very subjective issue.

Rhubarb Fool can’t offer you any definitive advice that will assist you in your quest to find a good web designer. However, what was evident to us was that when you’ve found a good one, you’ll know it.

Something there’s no question about is that quality web design can be an extremely valuable investment. But these seem to us words that slip out a bit too easily. What do they mean? What are the actual benefits of commissioning a professional web-designer? Will your hard earned gold pieces actually yield a tangible return? Will an attractive website stimulate your business’s growth?

At Rhubarb Fool we champion great web design. Here are a few reasons why.


Professional designers occupy the macrocosm, rather than the microcosm. They’ll be focused on  creating a visual identity for your brand that maintains its integrity across a variety of different contexts.


Your logo, website, social media online Order profiles and even your business cards all need to be singing from the same sheet. Homogeneity and individuality need to be dancing together like old partners of the silver screen.

Brands that have a consistent visual identity are simply more memorable than those that appear fragmented. Being more memorable, they’ll also be more durable. A professional web designer should know how to make your brand’s visual identity move seamlessly across different contexts.


Your website represents your business. So you’re not just looking for clicks. You’re looking for visitors who will  browse through your site and become acquainted with you and your brand. Don’t be under any illusions. Most visitors will have a swift glance at your site and then be off. It takes something a little bit special to keep a visitor interested in your site. It takes even more to make them want to learn more about you and eventually make a purchase.



A good web designer will focus on calling your visitors to action. They’ll be asking them to “sign up”, “learn more” and “buy now”. The placement, appearance and content of these calls to action will be vital to the functionality and effectiveness of your site. The upshot of getting this done right is simple. Busy cash registers.


The internet is built on the back of websites that are “good enough”. So how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Within any one industry you can bet your bottom dollar on the fact that there will be a lot of websites that look the same. They say what they’re expected to say, in a manner that they’re expected to say it. Their design doesn’t offend, but nor does it excite.


We’ll never encourage anyone to make a spectacle of themselves. But quality is all about identifying your individuality, focusing on your unique selling points and combining these elements into one joined-up visual identity.

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Rhubarb Fool iPad apps

Digital marketing across multi-screen formats

How Rhubarb Fool will help your brand cross screen formats.

At Rhubarb Fool we know that we’re operating in a fast moving market. Our mission statement: “Listen. Create. Communicate” would maintain its essential truth if we substituted the word “listen” with the word “observe”. Vigilance is vital if we’re going to stay on top of the emerging trends of consumer behaviour.

We know that a significant proportion of media users are now accessing information over a variety of screen formats.


They are using computer screens, smart phone screens, tablet screens and of course the more ubiquitous TV screens. Bearing this in mind, it’s now more important than ever for any business marketing itself by way of social media, to present information relating to itself and its services across a multi-screen format.

Businesses need to appreciate that consumers may now start accessing information on one device (for example they might start reading an email on their smartphone as they’re sat on the train home from work) and finish the task on another device (by replying to the email from their lap-top when they get home).

Or perhaps more significantly, it’s possible for a consumer to catch the tail end of a advert on their television and then revisit this advert from the more controlled and leisurely position of their tablet.

If these behaviours sound familiar to you, it’s because they conform to the emerging patterns of multi-screen behaviour and we’re all a part of this.

A recent study: “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross Platform Consumer Behaviour” identified that 90% of social media users are now accustomed to moving

between devices to complete a given task. As we’ve observed above, the device could be a smartphone, a TV a PC or a tablet.

The study also revealed that some tasks (like managing your bank account or booking a flight online) are often not completed in one sitting, or on one device. In fact the study demonstrated that 98% of sequential screeners move between as many as three different devices a day to complete tasks.


So what does this all mean for you? The biggest lesson we at Rhubarb Fool have taken from this is that it’s essential that businesses adapt their web presence to smaller screens.


Sites accessed by way of tablets (with larger screens) often render well and content can be readily navigated. But smartphones are a much trickier undertaking. Enabling your customers to interact with your content across all devices is not straightforward.


You have to be asking yourself whether your web experience is really optimised. Are you actually offering your customers exactly what will serve them given the context and the need of their engagement with you.

At Rhubarb Fool we are able to help you to find the web strategy that will fit your business best. Our staff will help you to answer the pivotal questions around implementation and technology that will enable your commercial presence to be achieved across all platforms. So if you want to:

  • Learn the best way to negotiate the challenges presented by multi-device behaviour.
  • Receive a professional assessment of your current site’s strengths and weaknesses from a multi-screen perspective
  • Access resources that will allow you to deliver a multi device site.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Rhubarb Fool. We’d love to show you the Listen. Create.Communicate ethos in action.

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