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As a content company we strive for cathartic content

Let us optimise your branding Cheap , design and digital strategies with great content.

At Rhubarb Fool we believe that at the basis of every successful marketing strategy you’ll find content that is charismatic, comprehensive and creative. But even the most exciting and well written content will need some marketing of its own, if it’s going to catch the attention of audiences that are becoming increasingly dynamic, increasingly switched on and increasingly fluid.

In a perfect market place high quality content would attract a decent crowd on the strength of its own virtues. But Van Gogh died a pauper. Brilliance is no guarantee of recognition. Great content will always be helped by being given a little nudge in the right direction.

So let Rhubarb Fool help you avoid allowing your best content to gather dust in the corner of the internet. Here are some tips that will help you to get the right people engaging with your content and talking about it.


  • Follow a bespoke strategy: It is absolutely vital that your content finds its way to the hearts and minds of your target audience. No matter how effervescent your content may be, effervescence won’t overcome irrelevance.
  • You’ll win few friends frantically throwing your content in the faces of people who couldn’t care less about what you’re talking about. Bespoke content and a bespoke content promotion strategy will allow your content to reach its audience organically. You’ll find this not only quicker, but also more effective.
  • Engage with the movers and shakers. Some people wield disproportionate levels of influence within specific market sectors. These people might be industry specialists, celebrities, authors or even compulsive bloggers. Think about anybody who commands a large social following and whose views and opinions have the power to exert influence.
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  • If you can engage with one of these movers and shakers and offer them content that

    they want to share can allow your brand to achieve a unique position in its chosen market place. Think about Adidas’s engagement with the emerging rap music industry in the mid eighties. No coincidence.

  • By the same token, if you can orchestrate a piece of content being spread across social media, (whether its Twitter, Facebook or Google+), it will automatically lend a degree of credibility to your brand. Such a strategy, successfully implemented, can yield a fantastically loyal fan base.
  • Converse: Listen. Create. Communicate. The mantra at Rhubarb Fool. Nothing can begin without listening. This means finding out what is relevant to your target market. What does it care about? What is it attracted to? What does it want to know? What does it aspire to? What does it shrink away from?
  • And perhaps most importantly, if you think your audience has a problem, solve it for them. A short cut to gaining this knowledge can be by following current trending topics and keeping abreast of what the most important movers and shakers are chatting about over Twitter. But a little investment of yourself into reciprocal interactions will often make people far more comfortable about giving up something of themselves.
  • Blog. Blog. Blog: Your brand needs a blog. This can offer you access to a new audience and allows you to share your content literally at the click of a button. Never be afraid to express the unique voice of your brand by way of the content of your blog. This will help people like you and your brand. If you’re liked by your audience, you’ll be trusted by your audience.
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  • Don’t be dull. Create something that people will not only want to share, but will also be caused to think about. A glossy coat of paint, plastered over facts that are readily attainable across the mediums of social media doesn’t make for exciting content. However, pretty you can make these facts look, are people really going to want to share such content. Infographics, Ebooks, videos, images and blog posts are just some examples of the exciting content Buy that you could be sharing with your audience. So don’t give your audience anything it could get, anywhere else.
  • Getting your content out there into a wide and receptive audience will ultimately be defined by your creativity, relevance and credibility. So get excited about your content. You don’t have to be evangelical, but have faith in your brand. Promote it at every turn. And when the shares, comments, likes and retweets start coming in, you can sit back and watch your audience grow.

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