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Rhubarb Fool Translation services

Translators or Transcreators?

When it comes to marketing your brand, adapting your message for your specific target audience is key.

Your voice needs to be clear and on-brand. Translation services rarely provide that function.

Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to marketing a brand. Marketeers and content generators love nothing more than peppering their paragraphs with flowery speech, obscure idioms and even slang.

This is why sometimes straight translation is not enough (I have mentioned before in a previous blog the perils faced when a translation house decided to translate House of Fraser to Fraser’s Home. I still shudder at the thought).

Here at Rhubarb Fool we prefer to work with a network of transcreators. These are not dry,

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technical documents we are translating after all.

At Rhubarb Fool, we rely on our transcreators to think about our audience. Consider the tone, usage and syntax and most of all how the content will best play out in their native language.

A good transcreator, and we only employ the best, truly understands that they are marketing the brand as much as we are.

We help them as much as we can by ensuring our team are given a brand style guide first and foremost. Most of our style guides are evolving documents, and some only a page long, but they make a good reference point.

A good style guide will help with band perception, tone, language and the audience, perceived or otherwise. Brands can help on this from the outset. it’s in their interests after all.

We ensure that as much reference material as


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possible is also provided including previous campaigns in English or even the native language if any are available.

Before they put pen to paper each transcreator will spend time researching both the brand and the target market.

Other things we take into account are ensuring all our transcreators live in the country whose language they are translating into. Obvious, non? You’d be surprised.

We ensure our editors are not only language experts and experienced copywriters, but they are all renowned writers in their own right. With high-end retail and tourism being a given.

Finally, every transcreator is aided by a separate proofreader. We all make mistakes after all.

Drop us a line if you want to know more …

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