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App-lied Science

When it comes to apps, at Rhubarb Fool we like to think we know our stuff – we do build them on a fairly regularly basis, after Order all.

A recent comment from a certain fashion blogger got me thinking about the role they play in our day to day lives – and how that insight can help agencies and the brands they work with to tailor them to accommodate the consumer as well as meet campaign goals.

The fashion blogger in question, one Tala Samman of myfashdiary.com (who we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with), admits that she uses apps ‘for everything from organisation, beauty, fitness, social media and the list goes on…’ And when you think about it, this is the reality for most of us.

We are increasingly living in a mobile world, and if you access Twitter, Facebook http://yada.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/02/himalaya-purim-price-in-india/ or LinkedIn on a smartphone or tablet, you’re probably going to do so using an app. Maps, email, radio…all of these are day-to-day essentials for which the app is increasingly the go-to.

Where do branded apps fit into all of this? Unless they have excellent functionality or some other USP, no one will bother downloading them. As Tala herself observes, she’s ‘not the biggest fan of downloading brand apps because they always seem really commercial’. The key to a successful app, then, is meeting your customers’ Cheap needs as well as promoting your brand.

Looking at apps in a similar way to printed content can help with this – its features should be as original and as well thought out as any magazine. Indeed, some of the most popular apps are those that are companions to magazines and newspapers. Think Vogue, GQ, The Guardian et al…Well researched and elegantly designed content will always sing regardless of the platform it is staged on.

If your brand or company already has roster of printed publications, it is well worth obtaining an app to accompany them. Just as an online presence is mandatory these days, so is having http://www.louvuus.com.br/index.php/2018/02/02/pristiq-cost-walmart/ mobile-optimised content at your customers’ fingertips. Look at it like this: with an app, your customers or potential customers can carry you around with them in their pocket. What could be better than that?

If you’ve got quality content and design then you’re already halfway there. There are just a few things to bear in mind:

1. Apps are more interactive than your average magazine or even your average website. Make sure you provide plenty of stimulation in the form of videos, links, images, and full integration with social media. Ideally, nearly every page should link Pills to another feature or page of the app. I.e. a great page on the best restaurants to visit may link to some relevant recipes or other things to do in the area.

2. Functionality is key. No Purchase one will bother persisting with an app that’s unwieldy or confusing. This means that the app should be laid out in a logical fashion, fully optimised for mobile devices, and with all the necessary features (like infinite scrolling, for example, if it’s appropriate)

3. It has to do something. Make sure that the purpose of the app is clear in every single part of it. Even if it is just an app version of a magazine, it has to have something to set it apart in what is a very crowded marketplace. An e-commerce element enriches Order many apps, as does the ability to log wish lists and preferences. Apps that are useful are the most popular.


How Important is Typography?

Writing is the bread and butter of content creation. It’s at the very heart of what we do here.

You can’t transcreate out of nowhere, and you can’t design quality content around ‘Lorem Ipsum’.

All too often, though, the writing part of the design process is overlooked. After all, there are more interesting things to focus on, right? Images, flourishes, colours? Wrong.

Typography matters. First of all, imparting meaning is the main aim of any collateral. Design helps with this, sure, but it’s the words that do the donkeywork. So they need to be clear and legible.

Body copy should conform in a neat font that’s neither too swirly nor serify, and large enough to be easy to read without taking up too much space.

When it come to titles and standfirsts, there’s a bit more freedom and as a result, people like to play with fonts more. Different kinds of typography seem to say different things, and provide another opportunity to project your desired brand image.

For example, Didot and other similar serifs immediately scream ‘fashion’ and ‘luxury’ – probably because we’re so used to seeing it across the pages of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and other high-end fashion magazines.

Something like Helvetica, on the other hand, is simple and functional, so works extremely well for body copy or in bold for titles on less immaculately designed or ‘flowery’ products.

Our advice? Put some serious thought into the fonts you choose when designing collateral. Do they complement each other? Are they clear? Do they say what you think they say? There’s a tendency to sometimes fall back on ‘swirly’ fonts to give an air of classiness, but they’re rarely as effective as they’re intended to be. Most of the time, they’re either unreadable or a bit naff.

Consider the weight and style of the font you use – P22 Underground in light is a totally different beast than P22 Underground in heavy, and when italicised a lot of fonts take on an entirely different character.

Do your research, don’t be afraid to test things out, and above all, come up with a coherent style guide so that there’s consistency across all your products. Make sure that your typography choices become synonymous with your brand. online http://www.neosbrass.nl/clozaril-price/ buy serevent inhaler online Pills Purchase http://theyeast.org/gps-spy-flexispy-mobile-spy/ Pills

UK Tourism: What’s Sport Got To Do With It?

Are you excited about the World Cup? We certainly are. Nothing seems to bring people together like sport, and of course, we’re rooting for England.

All eyes are on Brazil right now, and we can’t help but think of the effect the tournament will have on their tourism industry. The question is even more pertinent when we consider the fact that we’re hosting our own world cup (the Rugby one) next year here in the UK.

Ever since the Olympics in 2012, we’ve seen tourism figures for visitors to the UK go from strength to strength. We were lucky to avoid the so-called post-Olympic ‘curse’ that sparks a lull in tourism.

The spotlight was put on London, and London delivered. Its status (and by proxy, the whole country’s status) as a must-visit destination doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. What role does sport play in this?

Some would argue that the recent success of UK tourism is not so much to do with the golden aftermath of the Olympics, and more attributable to the fact that there were a series of internationally high-profile events in quick succession: the royal wedding, the Golden Jubilee, the royal birth.

There is probably an element of truth to this – the fact that the royals are a significant draw for tourists can’t be underestimated. But it would be obtuse to deny the role sporting attractions have to play.

We are a sporting nation, famous not only for ubiquitous football, but for cricket, tennis, rugby…the list goes on. The homes of these sports, such as Lords cricket ground or Twickenham stadium, draw plenty of visitors to their museums and stadium tours.

Then there’s the fact that we are home to some of the most high profile football clubs in the world. Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are just a

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few examples of clubs with an international brand and fans across the globe.

For these fans, the chance to come to the UK and experience the home grounds of their favourite clubs first hand is more than enough reason to pick the UK as a holiday destination.

A wealth of organisations benefit from the slew of sports tourists visiting the UK. Sports tour operators arrange visits to stadium tours and games, and sports bars and restaurants such as the recently opened Café Football in Westfield Stratford City also capitalise on the trend.

So what will the future hold for tourism in 2015? Inevitably there’ll be plenty of rugby enthusiasts descending on the capital to enjoy the games and the atmosphere. And if current trends are anything to go by, the tournament will only enhance the UK’s reputation as a globally significant sports tourism destination. Order http://qlubb.nl/whatsapp-spy-iphone-spy-tracking-spy-cell/

Keep Copy Sparkling

We love writing at Rhubarb Fool. It’s kind of like breathing to us, and a part of why we’re so infatuated with all types of media.

One of the things that most helps you to improve your skills as a writer is incredibly simple – just reading. The more different types of writing you encounter, the more words you’ll learn, the more ways of constructing sentences you’ll discover, and the more styles you’ll sample.

That doesn’t mean just classics. As much as we love Austen and Shakespeare and Fowles, Eliot and Auden and Tennyson, we read everything. Variety is not only the spice of life, but enriches you as a writer and as a
http://cabinet-stomatologic-cluj.ro/seroquel-schizoaffective-disorder/ Order

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person. It’s not just magazine articles or blogs that can be captivating either, but seemingly uninteresting things like brochures, supplements and information leaflets.

So copywriting – even in its most ‘basic’ form – is important. If that’s the case, then why is so much of it not very good?

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that common to read something so dreadful you fall out of your seat, but a lot of the time we find ourselves studying copy and finding it generic and uninspiring.

Considering the fact that this is the medium that brands are using to interact with their customers and foster meaningful connections, this seems quite counterproductive.

Any words associated with your company should shine, engage, dazzle, and resonate with your consumer base. How do you achieve that? With hard work. And by engaging the professionals, of course.

A good example is a project we were working on for Westfield recently. The amount of writing required would be considered by some people to be negligible – less than 25 words. But it took us several hours and 3 different copywriters to come up with our final offering. Why? Because we care about maintaining our clients’ voice and personality across all platforms, even on the smallest ones.

A great way to protect the integrity of your brand and associated collateral is to compile a style guide. You probably already have one, but it may relate more to your logo than to your writing style.

Style guides are so useful because they help you to establish a firm tone of voice, a set vocabulary, and unified purpose, which sets a fantastic foundation for any copywriting that will be done in the future. At Rhubarb Fool we are devotees of the style guide. Find out more by having a look over our

blog archives, or even get in touch to find out more about what we can do. Buy http://medienverbund-dieburg.de/2017/10/31/android-tracker-phone-tracking-software-xnspy/

Do You Care Enough About Translation?

At Rhubarb Fool we consume all kinds of media with about as much enthusiasm as we attack a certain fruity, creamy dessert…

Inevitably, we come across all sorts – magazines,
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order zyloprim prescribing
books, logos, apps, supplements, maps, and more, all in different languages. But something else that varies wildly is the quality. And all too often the place where the quality is sorely lacking is in the translation.

It’s almost understandable – perhaps some businesses are more concerned with their home-based audience, or maybe others are just too comfortable communicating only in English. These concerns, together with the distance that foreign languages seem to have in comparison, mean that translation takes a back seat.

It all too often feels like a poorly executed afterthought, with the results being little better than something run through Google translate. And there is just no excuse for alienating members of your target audience in this way. At least, in our opinion there isn’t.

Think about taking the time to make a delicious meal. You go to the finest deli in town (or, let’s face it, Waitrose) to source the very best ingredients money can buy, consult a complicated recipe, and pay attention to detail to make sure every stage is executed perfectly.

Now imagine looking at that delicious meal you’ve just created, and pouring cheap tomato ketchup all over it before serving it up to someone. That’s a little like what getting

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a substandard translation is like. However sparkling the English copy is, however brilliant the design, it’s all for naught if the translation doesn’t convey that.

The fact is that, with English being such an important world language, we’re all a little bit too used to everyone speaking it. It’s so easy to say ‘but they’ll understand the English anyway – why bother with the translation?’ It’s worth bothering because the extra effort to identify with target demographics on their level fosters more meaningful connections.

The effort doesn’t go unnoticed by consumers, and more importantly, you can establish your company as a brand that does things properly –

do you really want to ever put your name to something below par?

At Rhubarb Fool we have a deep respect for the importance of translation, and its slightly more nuanced sister, transcreation. Catch up on some of our other blog posts for more insights. Buy http://wp.acd.hu/?p=8576

Social Media: Know Your Audience Part I

We’ve talked about social media before. But at Rhubarb Fool we’re more than aware that sometimes important things bear repeating – and if we blog about social media a lot, it’s because we’re thinking about it a lot.

More specifically, we’re thinking about how it can be used to our clients’ best interest.

We live in a fast-paced age where the consumer rules. These days, people have a whole lot of choice, not only in the products they choose and the brands they ultimately engage with, but in the Order Order ads they engage with.

Marketing and advertising campaigns are no longer just inconveniences foisted on people during an intermission or leering at them from a poster on the tube – they are morphing into content that people actually want to interact with – something they’d choose to watch, or look at, and most importantly, share.

You have to be ahead of this trend if you want to make the most of your business. Which is why specialists in content marketing like us at Rhubarb Fool are here to help deliver quality, original content that will captivate your customers.

With that in mind, let’s think about the importance of audience. The most effective social media campaigns – the ones that resonate most strongly – have a keen sense of who they’re trying to target and why.

A great example is Dove’s 2013 ‘Real Beauty Sketches Campaign’. It’s no secret that their biggest consumer group is women, so their social media marketing team zeroed in on that key demographic, focusing on their observation that ‘women are their own worst critics’.

It was with this resonant truth in mind that they created a campaign encouraging beauty as a source of confidence, hiring an FBI sketch artist to draw two portraits of women without seeing their faces – one as described by the portrait’s subject and another as described by a subject’s acquaintance.

The difference between the two portraits was striking – the women themselves focused on their flaws, whilst their acquaintances saw beauty.

Even more striking is how this moved the customer base: over 114 million people have watched the video, which went viral on social media outlets. The compelling video also became the number one viewed online video ad of all time within a month of launching. It is currently the 4th most shared video ad of all time.

The lesson to learn from all this? Knowing your audience is important. Don’t only figure out who they are, but get inside their heads. How do they view themselves? What are their aims and aspirations? What makes them feel good? All of these things will help you to create a successful social media campaign that will engage them.

What social media platforms do they use? Youtube tends to be a safe bet as everyone watches videos on it, and share via other networks. Instagram is becoming the daily go-to

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for most people to look at beautiful images, whilst Tumblr attracts more creative types.

Twitter encourages immediate engagement and up-to-the-minute communication, whilst Facebook fosters more meaningful social interaction and sharing.

If you target the platforms where your audience are most active, then your campaign will reach them and resonate even more effectively.

But what about knowing your audience when they hail from further afield than the western world? That’s one for next week…Knowing Your Audience, Part II. online whatsapp spy, phone spy software, best android spy phone

Time You Got A Watch

When Selfridges engaged us here at Rhubarb Fool to put together a luxury Arabic magazine for them, we knew that we didn’t just want to focus women’s fashion and accessories. We knew that truly brilliant content requires balance, and that we needed a fresh shoot concept to offset our stunning fashion and accessories photo shoots.

The answer? A stark, monochromatic men’s watches and accessories shoot to completely contrast with the poppy metallics, brooding florals, and glistening jewels that take centre stage elsewhere in the magazine. We were even more excited when we managed to snag a top still

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life photographer with a particular specialism for watches.

A still life photo shoot is an entirely different beast to one with a model. Upon entering the studio, instead of being met with an array of hair and make up products, there was a plethora of fascinating props. Spanners of different sizes were carefully painted in glossy black, and large razor blade wheels were polished to perfection to match with our high-end hyper-masculine aesthetic.

The early morning saw a rushed breakfast and a

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dash to Selfridges itself to pull some extra accessories to really accentuate the watches. As anyone who has ever had the pleasure of pulling pieces for a photo shoot will tell you, there’s nothing quite like wandering around a department store like Selfridges with the freedom to pick out whatever you like. The only constraint was the shoot brief. From the fantastic selection in-store, we were able to source some great pieces, from classic Rayban sunglasses to stylish Mulberry cufflinks and finely made ties from Saint Laurent and Lanvin.

Meanwhile, back at the studio shoot prep was well underway. Fishing line wire, delicate

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and near invisible, suspended spanners and watches alike on set, and our stylist and photographer worked to contort the finest men’s watches on the market into stunning shapes. The main aim was to show off their best assets whilst at the same time delivering a creative and unique shot. From an early peek at the results, it looked like the mission was accomplished.

But the day wasn’t over – there were still plenty of amazing watches to shoot, ranging from the latest Chanel J12, to classic models from Cartier, Jaeger-leCoultre, Panerai, Parmigiani, Roger Dubuis and more. Once again, the studio was awash with guards keeping a keen eye on their precious charges.

Ties came alive for the background of the second shot – like snakes twisting and looping in the air. The watches themselves shined next to the sharp-edged circles that gave literal meaning to the word ‘edgy’.

In the end, the day flew by. The vibe of the day was contented and confident – perfectly fertile for the kind of creativity required to turn out amazing shots. Buy phone spyware, spy phone software, spy mobile phone

Style (Guides) and Substance

We’re all thinkers at Rhubarb Fool. And one of the things that we regularly contemplate is identity. Specifically, brand identity – be it that of our own company, or that of our clients.

Brand identity is something that should be fiercely protected. In a crowded market, it’s not always easy to stand out – not everyone has a unique product. The unique part is you and Purchase your company, and the only way to convey that is through how you present yourself.

Brand identities and voices can mean the difference between success and failure. Too many companies resort to generic ‘business’ speak and jargon that completely fails to engage customers. Successful brands have unique voices – think about Apple in the tech world, or Bliss, which stands out amongst the huge crowd of health and beauty products.

Your brand identity determines your brand voice, and your brand voice determines your interactions with customers – so it’s imperative that you get it right. But how to ensure consistency across all platforms and a really clear brand definition? With a style guide of course.

Style Guides enable you to build an overall sense of your brand as well as providing the chance to set uniform guidelines for layout, styling, and logo usage. With both internal departments and external partners in mind, they work to create a consistent code of reference to your brand across a range of teams, projects and media.

Think about it – greater knowledge of brand values and aims helps employees or colleagues to provide a better service, and that same knowledge ensures that external partners deal with your brand sensitively and do it justice – so that you can yield optimum results from said partnership. All of this results in your customers getting a better understanding of your brand and all it can offer – so that you can build a lasting relationship with them.

Through the style guide you can detail your brand story, and by placing your brand in context, you explain its niche position in the market place and what makes it stand out. Additionally, you define exactly what your positioning and offerings are.

A style guide will highlight keywords that really evoke your company’s image and voice, so that you can set the tone not only for the style guide itself, but for the way that the company’s collateral is presented – consistency is key. Essentially this builds a foundation for all content initiatives, as well as making the content development process about ten times more efficient. It saves you money in the long run.

Content style guides also allow you to zero in on your target audience, enabling to better create content tailored to the specific clientele it’s meant for. By creating content that meets the needs of specific people, you will make more meaningful connections with your audience.

We’re brimming with ideas to guide your brand and make it stand out here at Rhubarb Fool. Drop us a line and find out more about what we can do. Cheap Order Cheap Pills Buy Order android tracker, bosspy, cell phone spy

The Importance of Transcreation

At Rhubarb Fool, one of our main priorities is to provide content that is not only informative and that gets your brand message across, but that engages and inspires. The more positive associations customers have with your brand and services, the better.

But what about the foreign markets that we specialise in? How do we leap over that language barrier? It doesn’t matter how perfectly honed a piece of writing is in English if none of the message and clever creativity survives the translation process.

Enter Transcreation. As a process it’s a step beyond translation, in which the content is developed or adapted to better suit the target market. With bog-standard translation, the words will sit prone on the page and not quite resonate with the audience (rather like an Englishman fumbling through a foreign phrasebook!), but transcreated content will have been specifically adapted and ‘re-created’ for the market, resulting in a tailored message that has lost none of its potency for the language change.

Different demographics don’t just have different languages – these completely different cultures have quirks, customs, and concerns that are as unique as the countries they hail from. Our content isn’t created in a cultural vacuum – in order to consolidate a truly effective marketing strategy, these nuances must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, how can the message actually get across – how can it appeal at all?

Some definitions of Transcreation may vary – but it essentially means the act of translating creatively and sensitively. Translating more than words, but the message too. Supposedly the term developed in the computer and video game industry, as people developed a way to successfully market games to different demographics by changing images and storylines as well as the language. This makes sense –the experience of gameplay itself is far more important than simply the language it’s in. Humour and cultural references are far from homogenous and simply cannot be understood by all, even if the words themselves make sense.

Nowadays, transcreation is a term more commonly applied in the context of marketing and advertising. In order to maintain content’s impact across local markets, the larger message and ‘feel’ of the brand must also be translated as well as the words. Therefore, the process of transcreation most often represents a hybrid of new content, adapted content, imagery, and simple translation.

Although other terms are occasionally used to describe this process, such as ‘marketization’, ‘cultural adaptation’, ‘multilingual copywriting’, ‘marketing translation’ and ‘adaptation of marketing materials’ amongst others, transcreation is our favourite. It reflects the composite nature of the process, and the creativity that is so key to its success.

The types of projects that most require translation tend to be web campaigns that aren’t attracting customers in other markets, content that features wordplay and humour that is specific to one language or

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culture, and products and services that need to be marketed to diverse demographics within the same market. In short, just the sorts of projects that we at Rhubarb Fool have bucket loads of experience with.

With our carefully selected transcreators, we have the ability to plug the cultural gaps, so to speak, and ensure that the correct message is positively received by the intended audience without compromising on the original’s integrity. As we increasingly turn our gaze towards international markets, the process of transcreation is ever growing in importance. Without it, brands are at risk of getting lost in the ever-busy marketplace. Purchase Order android keylogger, phone spy, how to spy on iphone

Rhubarb Fool

Keep taking the tablets, as mobile dominates travel

Smartphones and tablets will be the key customer service tool in travel within the next five years.

Is anything more mobile than travel?

By its very nature, travel is a mobile activity – so the travel trade is using mobile devices before, during and after trips to communicate with customers.

Although communications on-the-go offer great opportunities, travel firms must also be aware that they increase customer expectations, states the report, produced in association with Euromonitor International.

Travellers now expect real-time answers and greater customisation, wherever they are

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and at any time, before, during and after the trip.

TUI Travel, Singapore Tourism Board, and InterContinental Hotels, are among those which have spotted the potential of mobiles, says the report unveiled at the first day of World Travel Market in London.

TUI Travel’s Digital Assistant app offers customers advice before departure, during their holiday and on their return.

YourSingapore Guide app by the Singapore Tourism Board aims to enable visitors to enjoy their personalised Singapore experience as smoothly as possible.

InterContinental Hotels’ Concierge Insider Guides app offers insights provided by company concierges in its 127 world locations.


Peter Long, Chief Executive of TUI Travel Plc, said: “Mobile is revolutionising customer relationships.”

Commenting on the Digital Assistant app, he added: “This is a tool where we think we can really build that intimacy of relationship of treating the customer as an individual and that is very different from the way typically today travel providers work.”

Reed Travel Exhibitions, Senior Director, World Travel Market, Simon Press said: “The dominant role of tablets and apps has created an ‘always-on’ culture amongst consumers. Travel companies need to

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make sure they are engaging with consumers in this way and through these channels.”

Caroline Bremner, Euromonitor International Head of Travel and Tourism Research, said: “Euromonitor International forecasts global smartphone volume sales will post a 17% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) more than 2012-2017, while sales of tablets are forecast at 14% CAGR.

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“By 2017, the mobile channel is expected to account for over 30% of online travel value sales. All the signs indicate that mobile will be at the core of customer relationships in travel.”

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