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China Part 2: Students and Tourism

Welcome to the second of our World Travel Market-inspired posts on China and its outbound tourism markets. We’ve covered http://theistanahotel.com/evista-sale/ Cheap FITs and WeChat, and now it’s time to talk about students.

When creating Chinese language content for use online and in social media, the focus is almost always on China itself, the land within the so-called ‘Great Firewall’. But what about the thousands of Chinese young adults studying throughout Europe?

Students aren’t strictly tourists. Obviously. But they are an important tourist market in many ways: as a general rule, they tend to make a point of seeing as much as possible of Europe while they are studying here, to ‘make the most’ of their free time, so to speak. Many Chinese students will go on day trips to attractions and weekend trips to other parts of the country or other nearby countries (for example, hopping on the Eurostar to see France one weekend or getting a train to Edinburgh). This behaviour, of course, only increases during holidays (assuming that they don’t go home to visit family).

As well as this, despite having access to (and using) Western platforms such as Google, Facebook et al, they will still maintain their Chinese social media accounts and are still a primarily Chinese-language market. This is doubly significant when we consider their role in Chinese society: as people who have spent a good deal of time abroad, they are considered experts. Word of mouth is so crucial to Chinese people that they will become the unanticipated spokespeople for your brand as friends, relatives, and friends of friends come to them for advice on where to go and what to see.

A natural result of having a large population of Chinese students of Europe is that inevitably their family and/or friends will come and visit them at some point (or several) during their course. During their time visiting, they will treat their student point of contact as an expert, as we’ve mentioned above, and are likely to participate in traditionally ‘tourist’ activities such as visiting attractions and going sightseeing, etc.

When you have this in mind, it is clear that European-based Chinese students are a key market to consider when strategising your digital campaigns. And the best part is that they’re already here! There’s no need to entice them to get on a long haul flight to visit.

So, what to consider when incorporating this crucial market into your online/social media output? The rules are much the same as for targeting the Chinese tourism market at large: tailor-make your content, and make sure it’s impeccably translated. Go out of your way to interact with your target audiences, and encourage sharing of their experiences. Listen to what they have to say and learn from it. And most of all, get in touch with us at Rhubarb Fool! We really can help. Order Pills Buy Pills http://jointherevolution.be/facebook-tracker-app-parental-control-parent-phone-monitoring-app/ trileptal oral suspension price

China Part 1: The Growing Importance of FITs

Ever since attending World Travel Market’s ‘Spotlight on China’ seminars, at Rhubarb Fool our minds have been buzzing with all things Chinese: social media, language, MICE, FITs, Students…so we thought we’d do a small series of posts on the all-important Chinese market.

‘What’, you may be asking ‘exactly is a FIT?’ Well, FIT stands for Foreign Independent Travel or Foreign Individual Travel – essentially, individuals or groups of less than 10 travelling internationally without the assistance of a tour operator.

Why are we talking about them here? Because FITs are becoming big business, and their growing significance means that the landscape of tourism marketing is changing slightly, but perceptibly. As they’re travelling independently, FITs aren’t reliant on travel agents’ and tour operators’ set itineraries or recommendations. They plan their trips alone, which means that they research their trips alone, and they seek this information online. Where else?

This brings us back to a point we’ve hammered out several times in this blog…the importance of having an online presence of China. FITs can’t incorporate your attraction into their itinerary or stay in your hotel if you simply aren’t there.

Internet word of mouth is so important in China that prospective visitors will undoubtedly be checking in with your social media pages to see what other consumers are saying about you. They’re also guaranteed to run your business through Baidu or another Chinese social network to try and visit your site. Trust is very important to Chinese people, so making the extra effort to host a .cn domain for your site will go a long way. Also, 9 times out of 10, they prefer to read content in their own language. There is no point in half-measures when it comes to appealing to the Chinese market – but going the distance will yield results.

Just think, FITs represent a whole new consumer base that is growing exponentially (especially as more and more Chinese people get online and become more mobile), and without cultivating an online presence in China (even a small one), you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market. Purchase Buy online desyrel no prescription needed Buy Buy http://ncchambers.org/whatsapp-spy-how-to-monitor-snapchat-buscar-movil-por-gps/ online

Content Marketing, Brand Integrity and Porter Magazine

We always say at Rhubarb Fool that the key to successful content marketing is treating that content the way you would mainstream media, ensuring that you produce a quality product that only stands out for the right reasons.

For example, when we’re putting together a visitor magazine for a well-known UK shopping village, we approach it the same way we would if we were suddenly handed the reins at Vogue.

Despite the project’s overarching commercial characteristics, we still maintain editorial and creative integrity, which results in a high quality end product. It’s the only way to truly achieve the marketing objective: enticing visitors to spend time there, and enhancing the brand’s overall international reputation.

The same must be true of all marketing content, whether it’s fashion magazines, a professional newsletter, or VIP tourist information. Deliver quality content, and you’re far more likely to achieve your aims.

All marketing and content marketing studies come down to the same thing: people are unimpressed by sub-par content, and are only likely to engage with and share the quality stuff that interests them.

It stands to reason – if your first reaction to a piece of branded content is ‘Ugh’ or ‘That’s shoddy’, then you are unlikely to consider that brand worthy of your notice in the future.

One of our favourite content marketing success stories – albeit on a grand and international scale – is the runaway success of new fashion magazine Buy Porter. It is in some ways a companion magazine to the hugely popular designer shopping site net-a-porter.com, but its true beauty lies in the fact that it stands alone as a brilliant publication.

With an inaugural edition that featured none other than top supermodel Gisele Bundchen on the cover, Porter immediately emerged as a serious competitor to the classic fashion magazines Vogue and Elle Order . Subsequent photo shoots and interviews featuring fashion royalty like Lara Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Karlie Kloss, Penelope Cruz and runway favourite Malaika Firth made it clear that this was no flash in the style pan. Pretty impressive, considering that it was only released in February of this year.

But the magazine is more than just gloss: opening it up you’ll find not only the myriad high-fashion shoots that you’d expect, but insightful articles (covering everything from the prospect of a female president of the United States to a fascinating profile of itinerant photographer Giorgia Fiorio), and little Q&As with celebrities dotted everywhere. What does Yoko Ono think about the Chiltern Firehouse? What art does Claudia Schiffer collect? Find out here.

The real USP of Porter, though, is its e-commerce capability. This is the first publication where you can ‘shop the magazine’ – everything you see is available from net-a-porter.com, and discerning customers can purchase at the click of a button (when they’re using the app, that is). There’s no better way to drive consumers straight from an aspirational article or shoot to your site.

This capability wouldn’t work nearly as well if Porter didn’t stand alone as a desirable magazine in its own right. So take a leaf out of Natalie

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Massenet & Co’s book (or magazine), and inject some originality and quality into your content marketing strategy. Cheap http://indexgraf2.com/?p=21913

Harness the Power of Regional Opinion Formers

Rhubarb Fool’s blog has talked a lot about Social Media. This is with good reason – few things are as pervasive and influential these days as platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and the rest.

The significance of social media doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon, so we expect to be talking about it for a good while yet.

We all know that companies, big and small alike, are cultivating an online presence to better engage their customers and to promote their brand. Celebrities do the same thing, engaging their fans and controlling their public image.

But what about the users themselves? They are not all mindless consumers. In fact, many are actually creators. One thing that social media has engendered is sharing on a whole new level, with blogging. Many bloggers have huge social media presences, and achieve a kind of Internet celebrity, particularly in their country of origin. Occasionally, this internet celebrity even transfers to ‘real life’, with bloggers being featured in magazines and television.

A great example is Gabi Gregg of GabiGresh.com. Her fashion blog started out with her sharing her ‘OOTD’ (outfit of the day), and has grown to the point where she is a columnist for InStyle USA, a brand ambassador, and even collaborator on a plus-size swimwear line. By reaching out to Gabi, brands reach out to her followers and receive unique exposure to a specific target market (plus-sized fashion lovers).

At Rhubarb Fool we call bloggers like this ‘Regional Opinion Formers’, and we know how important they are. Not only are they talented and creative, but they provide the opportunity to collaborate and consolidate a powerful social media presence for the brands we work with.

When we create magazines for our clients, in addition to providing great design and well-known British writers, we commission these regional opinion formers to give a sense of authenticity and relevance to the final product. The publication goes hand in hand with a social media comms plan, allowing the bloggers to talk about our clients and the magazine on social media, thus increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to our clients’ websites.

On our magazine for Selfridges, we had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Tala Samman, of myfashdiary.com. Her understanding not only of fashion, but also of the Middle Eastern market gave the magazine some real cultural relevance. Ultimately, her contribution helped to create a better product for the target demographic.

More importantly, through her involvement, we were able to insert Selfridges into the existing fashion conversation going on in the Middle East.

This unique approach is something we’re really excited about at Rhubarb Fool, and we’re already looking forward to applying it to several future projects. http://www.taavura-cranes.com/?p=9930 twitter spy, how to spy on cell phone, spymaster online order charboleps cheap glucovance side online micardis 40 mg at costco http://handynummerorten.net/funny-purim-costumes-for-adults/

Social Media: Know Your Audience Part II

You should be aware by now that really knowing your audience is a key component of any successful social media campaign.

But what happens when cultural differences obscure your view or prevent your message from getting across? How can you make a meaningful connection with your audience when you don’t really understand them?

The fact is that you can’t understand an entire culture by googling it. That’s why you need to call in the experts – like us at Rhubarb Fool.

We have a network of creatives from around the world who don’t only translate and transcreate, but who also advise on the messages we’re sending out and how they will resonate with our target markets.

Something can be catchy and clear in English, but confusing or even offensive in another language, or to another culture. That’s why it’s imperative that you collaborate with the experts to ensure that you

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really do know your audience as well as you think you do.

A really obvious example is how you might omit any images that show a lot of skin to tailor a product for the Middle Eastern market. But that’s not where it ends – the other day in the office we had a discussion with our Arabic copywriter about the overtones of the word ‘revolution’ and how our audience might read it.

In short – it’s not just the words that need transcreating, but the campaign as a whole.

Another culture in which this is particularly important to bear in mind is Chinese. As well as the quirks that come

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with any individual society, there are whole different social media networks to bear in mind.

RenRen was set up in 2005, and is a Facebook-like social network that tends to be used by younger generations – students and teens. After launching a new mobile app in late 2013, it increased its register users to a huge 194 million and reached 54 million monthly active users.

Weibo is the most popular social network in China by far, with around 280 million active users and 500 million registered users. It’s a globally significant network that’s ahead of the tech curve – many western celebrities and organisations have Weibo accounts, and it rolled out its multimedia functions before Twitter.

You might worry about the fact that censorship seems to have deterred some users – but the worldwide popularity of social media shows no sign of abating, so you simply can’t ignore a whole demographic on this basis alone. And these are just two of the most popular Chinese social networks to consider.

The only way to really be sure which network, angle, or approach will work best for your campaign is to consult with the experts.

Like we say here at Rhubarb Fool – listen, create, communicate.sms tracker, snapchat message hacker, spy cell

Social Media: Know Your Audience Part I

We’ve talked about social media before. But at Rhubarb Fool we’re more than aware that sometimes important things bear repeating – and if we blog about social media a lot, it’s because we’re thinking about it a lot.

More specifically, we’re thinking about how it can be used to our clients’ best interest.

We live in a fast-paced age where the consumer rules. These days, people have a whole lot of choice, not only in the products they choose and the brands they ultimately engage with, but in the Order Order ads they engage with.

Marketing and advertising campaigns are no longer just inconveniences foisted on people during an intermission or leering at them from a poster on the tube – they are morphing into content that people actually want to interact with – something they’d choose to watch, or look at, and most importantly, share.

You have to be ahead of this trend if you want to make the most of your business. Which is why specialists in content marketing like us at Rhubarb Fool are here to help deliver quality, original content that will captivate your customers.

With that in mind, let’s think about the importance of audience. The most effective social media campaigns – the ones that resonate most strongly – have a keen sense of who they’re trying to target and why.

A great example is Dove’s 2013 ‘Real Beauty Sketches Campaign’. It’s no secret that their biggest consumer group is women, so their social media marketing team zeroed in on that key demographic, focusing on their observation that ‘women are their own worst critics’.

It was with this resonant truth in mind that they created a campaign encouraging beauty as a source of confidence, hiring an FBI sketch artist to draw two portraits of women without seeing their faces – one as described by the portrait’s subject and another as described by a subject’s acquaintance.

The difference between the two portraits was striking – the women themselves focused on their flaws, whilst their acquaintances saw beauty.

Even more striking is how this moved the customer base: over 114 million people have watched the video, which went viral on social media outlets. The compelling video also became the number one viewed online video ad of all time within a month of launching. It is currently the 4th most shared video ad of all time.

The lesson to learn from all this? Knowing your audience is important. Don’t only figure out who they are, but get inside their heads. How do they view themselves? What are their aims and aspirations? What makes them feel good? All of these things will help you to create a successful social media campaign that will engage them.

What social media platforms do they use? Youtube tends to be a safe bet as everyone watches videos on it, and share via other networks. Instagram is becoming the daily go-to

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for most people to look at beautiful images, whilst Tumblr attracts more creative types.

Twitter encourages immediate engagement and up-to-the-minute communication, whilst Facebook fosters more meaningful social interaction and sharing.

If you target the platforms where your audience are most active, then your campaign will reach them and resonate even more effectively.

But what about knowing your audience when they hail from further afield than the western world? That’s one for next week…Knowing Your Audience, Part II. online whatsapp spy, phone spy software, best android spy phone

A Day In The Life Of a Jewellery Shoot

On one of the first days of spring, there are few more picturesque places to be than the tranquil surroundings of Kew Gardens. The blooming evidence for the new season was everywhere, and the bright rays of tentative new sunshine were reflected in a gorgeous carpet of yellow daffodils.

There were plenty of people taking advantage of the fine weather and enjoying a relaxed walk around the gardens, tourists and Londoners alike – but we were there with an important job to do. Photo shoots, especially those on location, require a great deal of hard work.

Our task? To create images that speak of a tropical world; sultry, humid, and a little dark and brooding, to contrast with Selfridges’ pick of the Autumn/Winter collections’ amazing floral prints and the array of stunning high jewellery that can be found in the infamous Wonder Room.

The day dawned more like our shoot brief – that is, brooding and a more than a little foreboding (thankfully the fog gave way to sunshine as the day wore on). After meeting up with our location contact and our Winnebago driver in the wee hours of the morning, we parked up outside of the Palm House and got straight to business.

The first job was to unpack and put the location vehicle’s built-in rail and steamer to good use. The dresses were like pieces of high jewellery themselves; Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn Winter collection covered with artisanal embroidery and glittering embellishments, Giambattista Valli’s creations finely covered with lace, and Dries Van Noten’s crafts adorned with iridescent silver flowers. Stunning creations from Chanel, Erdem, and Peter Pilotto were also present and correct. The once innocuous rail was transformed.

The crew squeezed in breakfast in between the all-important shoot prep. Photographer Matilda Temperley and her brilliant assistants headed off to the glasshouse to scope out the best locations for shots, and our stellar hair and makeup team set about transforming our model into a tropical goddess.

By mid-morning, we were ready for the final touches – the most spectacular jewellery that money can buy. Each high joallerie brand sent their

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own guard to ensure the safety of their precious cargo. When fastening a gorgeous floral necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels, its guard warned us to be careful – it was worth over £500, 000. As if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, that moment epitomised the extreme high-end aesthetic of the shoot. And the fact that we were in a single room with the equivalent value of several properties!

Each brand got its chance to (literally) shine, with the exquisite pieces showed off in a myriad of original ways. A Cartier brooch found a new use as a stunning hairpiece, and our talented art stylist/art director (Thea Lewis-Yates) played up the glamour of rings by the contrast with earthy branches and overhanging palms. Chanel pearls and diamonds glimmered in the shadows.

The resulting pictures were breath-taking – the shadow-play from the palm leaves overhead and the sunlight just piercing through created the very atmosphere we’d imagined would

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compliment fine jewellery and Autumn/Winter florals perfectly. Our beautiful model and her glamorous gems took the place of Henri Rousseau’s brooding tiger (from the painting Tiger in a Tropical Storm) amidst the sultry palms.

As the afternoon flew on, we found ourselves tasked with everything from guiding bodyguards to scouting around for prop leaves, to fielding last minute deliveries and emails. By four, no one wanted to stop shooting – the atmosphere was too good to leave behind. It was time to turn on the charm with the events manager, and we managed to wangle an extra half an hour to capitalise on the flowing creativity and get those final shots.

With the camera down at 430, everyone felt satisfied. We all knew that the amazing team (including photographer Matilda Temperley and stylist/art director Thea Lewis-Yates) had done an amazing job and gotten some incredible images that will undoubtedly give the magazine the hallmark of high-end authenticity.

A few days on, our best suspicions were confirmed. Selfridges were as thrilled as we are. We can’t wait to share the final product with the world! Keep an eye on the Rhubarb Fool website, because you won’t want to miss these fantastic images when we put them up.ios spy, spybubble, best spyware for iphone

The Importance of Transcreation

At Rhubarb Fool, one of our main priorities is to provide content that is not only informative and that gets your brand message across, but that engages and inspires. The more positive associations customers have with your brand and services, the better.

But what about the foreign markets that we specialise in? How do we leap over that language barrier? It doesn’t matter how perfectly honed a piece of writing is in English if none of the message and clever creativity survives the translation process.

Enter Transcreation. As a process it’s a step beyond translation, in which the content is developed or adapted to better suit the target market. With bog-standard translation, the words will sit prone on the page and not quite resonate with the audience (rather like an Englishman fumbling through a foreign phrasebook!), but transcreated content will have been specifically adapted and ‘re-created’ for the market, resulting in a tailored message that has lost none of its potency for the language change.

Different demographics don’t just have different languages – these completely different cultures have quirks, customs, and concerns that are as unique as the countries they hail from. Our content isn’t created in a cultural vacuum – in order to consolidate a truly effective marketing strategy, these nuances must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, how can the message actually get across – how can it appeal at all?

Some definitions of Transcreation may vary – but it essentially means the act of translating creatively and sensitively. Translating more than words, but the message too. Supposedly the term developed in the computer and video game industry, as people developed a way to successfully market games to different demographics by changing images and storylines as well as the language. This makes sense –the experience of gameplay itself is far more important than simply the language it’s in. Humour and cultural references are far from homogenous and simply cannot be understood by all, even if the words themselves make sense.

Nowadays, transcreation is a term more commonly applied in the context of marketing and advertising. In order to maintain content’s impact across local markets, the larger message and ‘feel’ of the brand must also be translated as well as the words. Therefore, the process of transcreation most often represents a hybrid of new content, adapted content, imagery, and simple translation.

Although other terms are occasionally used to describe this process, such as ‘marketization’, ‘cultural adaptation’, ‘multilingual copywriting’, ‘marketing translation’ and ‘adaptation of marketing materials’ amongst others, transcreation is our favourite. It reflects the composite nature of the process, and the creativity that is so key to its success.

The types of projects that most require translation tend to be web campaigns that aren’t attracting customers in other markets, content that features wordplay and humour that is specific to one language or

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culture, and products and services that need to be marketed to diverse demographics within the same market. In short, just the sorts of projects that we at Rhubarb Fool have bucket loads of experience with.

With our carefully selected transcreators, we have the ability to plug the cultural gaps, so to speak, and ensure that the correct message is positively received by the intended audience without compromising on the original’s integrity. As we increasingly turn our gaze towards international markets, the process of transcreation is ever growing in importance. Without it, brands are at risk of getting lost in the ever-busy marketplace. Purchase Order android keylogger, phone spy, how to spy on iphone

Rhubarb Fool Google SEO

Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part VII

aspirin cheapest

Are these just different legs of the same (chocolate) table?

5. There are professionals out there. Don’t be afraid of using them.

How often do you make your own chocolate? You could follow a recipe and make this happen. But don’t we all know that there’s people and businesses out there that have devoted their lives to perfecting the art. If you want something good, surely it’s the chocolatier’s door that you should be darkening. We tend to trust professionals, for the very reason that they have knowledge, powers and expertise that we lack. Not to mention that they know all the latest trends and exist in a competitive, professional environment that will ensure that they stay abreast with technological developments. Taking on a professional content agency is a similar process and will reap related rewards.

As we’ve made clear in previous blogs, search engines have changed the rules of engagement in a bid to promote quality. Sub-standard content is now being persecuted. Successful content marketing is now almost entirely based on good quality copy. Content that companies like Rhubarb Fool have the experience and expertise to provide.

The fact is actually that of you want to achieve a quality ranking based on your content, then you’re probably going to need to engage the services of an SEO pro. However, skilled you may be at marketing research and content writing, you’re unlikely to be able to draw on the same skill-set of the professional whose life’s work is entirely occupied with getting things right and who lives on the cutting edge of innovation in a swift

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moving environment. The best amateur runner in the world is never going to compete with Mo Farah.

So to conclude. The basic premise of this article is that you can’t have content marketing without writing copy. Imagine your favourite bar of chocolate without cocoa. So although the days of New Year’s Resolutions are an increasingly distant memory. In 2014 why not aim to avoid making any chocolate (content marketing strategies) without quality copy writing (cocoa)! Purchase Pills whatsapp spy, spy phone app, spy apps Order

Rhubarb Fool

Content marketing and Copywriting with Rhubarb Fool Part VI

Are these just different legs of the same (chocolate) table?


3. Keep it simple stupid.

(Words that will never be erased from the author’s consciousness following the troubled summer of 1991 which was spent telephone selling time share holidays. A spectacularly ill-advised entry into the world of formal employment).


Simplicity of language works. The words we use determine the audience’s ability to understand and process their meaning. The author’s taste for alliteration aside, less really can be more. You’ll never make yourself look stupid using simple language and its essentially democratic quality is such that no-one is going to feel alienated by it.

So if readability is your goal please plunder the following rules of thumb.

Avoid complicated and convoluted sentence structures.

Avoid obscure words and learn to love the whole brevity thing.

Wherever possible avoid technical jargon.

Learn to love common

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words. The words you use when you’re speaking to your pals.

Use simple sentences.


The trick to this strategy is to be accessible without dumbing down. But there’s always beauty in simplicity. You don’t want to patronise or condescend to your audience, but the fact is that people’s literacy levels differ. Having the ability to speak to many is a powerful skill. You’ll open your content buy generic effexor xr online no prescription to a much larger audience and thereby raise your chances of success.

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