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Rhubarb Fool is a multi-platform content provider

Entrepreneurial journalism. Part I.

At Rhubarb Fool we never stop reminding ourselves that you won’t deliver style, if you can’t deliver substance.

In no small part, the substance of Rhubarb Fool’s work is determined by the online content it generates. The greatest proportion of this contact comes in the form of the written word. And that’s what will will be the broadest focus of this piece. Good, accessible writing.

We’re also clear that the writing that we

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undertake as Rhubarb Fool is largely commercial. Its success or failure won’t be determined by the response of The Times Literary Review. However, at Rhubarb Fool we all love great writing and we all aspire to write well.

In our attempts to qualify the writing we produce, we’ve coined the phrase ‘entrepreneurial journalism’. It’s a phrase that you may have come across on our website. But please don’t get too alarmed. We’re not claiming to be great entrepreneurs and we’re certainly not claiming to be journalists. Rather, when we talk of entrepreneurial journalism, we’re talking about writing that helps our customers meet their commercial objectives.

If we approach writing in its generic form, the conclusion that our boardroom conversations have led us to is that good writing is underpinned by the author’s personality (having something worth saying in an attractive, engaging and interesting fashion) and accuracy (grammatical and factual integrity).


At the same time, anyone who has written a lot will know that (even if you have bags of personality and are the sort of person who loses sleep over a mis-placed comma or a questionable fact), writing involves a process.


Entrepreneurial journalism is, by its very nature, more process driven than its brothers and sisters in the literary or journalistic world. Essentially, the process

of entrepreneurial journalism demands not only preparation (that would be a prerequisite for any good piece of writing), it also involves planning. Our purpose is not only to deliver something that attracts and engages. It is also to deliver something that is functional. Something that does a great job for our Purchase customer.


So read on and let us set out the most important steps we’ve identified that could help you deliver good commercial writing. We hope that this piece guides you through the planning process to the point of execution and implementation.

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Social Media for small businesses

Small Business Guide to Social Media


As a social content creation agency our clients often ask us how they can use Social Media to help them to meet their commercial objectives.

We’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts that could help you make the most of this important marketing tool.

Do Relevance.

Be aware of your audience. Knowing its likes and dislikes is vital. It will help you create content that is relevant and engaging.

Do Realism.

There’s no point forcing someone who doesn’t use social media to use it. Rather it’s much better to identify the people in your organisation who are already active tweeters or facebook user and piggy back on what they’re already doing.

Order Do

be true to yourself.


We’re all passionate about something. If you can channel your passion into your social media output, you’re much more likely to engage and stimulate your readers.

Do know what you’re talking about.

Social media is constantly evolving. You’ve got to be plugged in to all of the developments in your sector and able to express a view on these. Your observations will allow ideas to spread and be critically evaluated by a wider audience.

Do Goals.

You have to always be asking yourself how you can be more interesting to your reader and constantly improving the quality of your output. There’s no room at all for complacency. When you tweet, let others know what has inspired you. That way you’re creating content that has currency. Make abbreviated links by using bitly.com

Don’t go with the flow.

Swimming against the tide will make sure your ideas are not lost in the consensus. There’s no need to be adversarial. Just take an unconventional approach to a hot topic. No-one’s going to bother to read what they already know.



People like responding to other people’s questions. Getting a response helps you make a connection that will expand your profile.

Do Resource Maximisation.

You can’t do everything. So carefully choose the social media platform you communicate on. Think about what platform has the greatest relevance to your sector. Try and be all things to all people and you could end up being no-one to no-body.

Be timely with your output.

Get into the market place at peak times and put something out when you think most people will be able to read it.

online Do Courage.

Don’t be scared to have an opinion. Just set it out in an informed and respectful way.

In Conclusion.

Social media is only a vehicle for you and your beliefs. It’s not a magic wand. But if you are curious, realistic, honest strategic and courageous; you can succeed in creating content and connections that will engage others and promote your business.

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