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Rhubarb Fool offers some top commercial tips for 2014 Part II

Make sure that you are still in touch with your customers

Slavish adherence to the ‘customer is always right’ mantra can be counter-productive. Life is seldom so clear cut and polarity has a tendency to isolate. However, stating that ‘the customer knows what they want’ is little more than an undeniable fact. Ignore this at your peril.

Awareness and understanding of your customers’ aspirations and desires are essential to any business. It’s equally true that having a good understanding of who your customers are and what they appreciate will support your efforts to grow your business in the right way.


So flexibility and the ability to adapt to change in your market places will allow you to keep up with the circles that your customers move in. So make life easy for your customers. This needn’t be rocket science. Do what you’re meant to do, when you’re meant to do it. Make sure you’re accessible, available and convenient. If you can’t give your customer what they want, when they want it; then your competitors will be rubbing their hands with glee.

Increasing your expenditure may not seem the most attractive of proposals at this point of the financial year. But widening the choices that your business offer your customers could, within a relatively short time scale, generate new streams of income that will make that initial expenditure far more palatable. 

Inviting feedback from your customers can represent a swift and effective exercise. But the more difficult exercise of taking on board and actioning this feedback can inspire confidence and loyalty in your brand. ‘You asked, we did it’ surely offers a compelling and powerful message to your customers.  Cheap

purchase lincocin 600 Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

http://www.fictionplanefanclub.com/2018/02/acticin-online-dating/ The analogy may seem a touch extreme, but you have to keep an eye on your competition. So maybe shift your frames of reference. Look at your competitors as a source of inspiration, rather than a nuisance or a threat.

Research the activities and objectives of your competitors. Think about what has and has not worked for them. And there’s always value in stepping out of your comfort zone. So don’t just research the competitors in your immediate market place. Study competitors that are operating overseas.

You could even benefit from looking outwards from your own commercial sector. And there’s no reason to confine this activity to January. Make it a regular commercial exercise. You’ll only benefit from keeping up to date with what others in your industry (and indeed other industries) are getting up to.

Want to read Part III?

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Social Media for small businesses

Swimming in content … or drowning?

We are bombarded with content Pills .

The average social network user receives 285 pieces of content daily.

Facebook has 900 million users.

Every sixty seconds, 293,000 status updates are posted on

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175 million tweets are sent each day.


The number of fake Facebook accounts is roughly equivalent to the population of Egypt.

Youtube has more than1 billion unique users visit the site each month, with over 6 billion hours of video watched. That’s almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than in 2012.

Order Order

Etc, etc.

It really wants to make you cry. Or at least design a funky infographic!

Instead we say, forget the facts, ditch the digits and focus on one thing. Your customer.

We help brands connect to this market get the right content to the right customers at exactly the right time.

What is the right content? Well it has to be three things:

And before we put pen to paper we discuss the brand. From here we think about developing a tone of voice. Sometimes that’s as easy as playing the “if the brand was a famous person who would it be?” game.

Sometimes it’s useful. Sometimes we realise we have spent the last hour deciding that the W Hotel was Chloë Sevigny.

But it’s a starting point and more often than not it will lead us to go out and gather as much customer insight as possible. There’s no rigid formula to doing this.

For example, we’ll hang out in hotel lobbies before launching a hotel magazine. But we’ll supplement this with using data to listen to what your customers are doing, reading, watching and buying – and then act.

So don’t just sit there. Go and sit in a hotel lobby. Or decide what superhero Hoover would be. Just don’t drown in the content.whatsapp spy, best spyware for iphone, mobile tracking over the counter medicine similar to bentyl

Rhubarb Fool Marketing design branding

Rhubarb Fool and multi-media marketing methods

How Rhubarb Fool can practice the perfect multi-media marketing strategy to promote your brand.

A beautiful billboard advertising campaign, focused on sites of premium exposure, will turn heads and it could create a stir. But what happens when the wind and rain works its magic. The beautiful colours will fade and that high quality paper will tear.

At Rhubarb Fool we believe that nothing will serve you as well as an integrated marketing plan that has breadth, charisma and durability.


But, as is the case in all of our commercial activities, that’s easy to say, but difficult to do.


At Rhubarb Fool the task we set ourselves is to identify the best possible combination of market approaches to take with your brand.

Research undertaken by Pointroll (in conjunction with Kelton Research) generated some interesting pointers.

In surveys of marketing professionals more than half of these professionals suggested they would use 5+ marketing methods in a single campaign.

Of these, 15% said they used between 7 – 9 different methods and 13% claimed to routinely be hitting double figures in the methods they would use.

This suggested to us that people in the know seemed more inclined to approach the market place with a wide net, rather than a deep net.

But let’s be clear. Although Rhubarb Fool is able to pick from an extensive stable of marketing methods, there’s no chance of us being able to spend five minutes looking at your business and then tell you what methods are going to work best for you.

Unlike Google, we don’t have fantastic algorithms at our command. We still have to suck it and see sometimes.


Think about cooking your favourite dish. Imagine the blend of herbs and spices; or cooking times and methods that deliver those taste sensations that you seek.

Sometimes you’ll be best served by closing the recipe book and relying instead on Instinct and experience. You need to personalise the recipe. It’s just the same process in identifying the best methods of marketing for a company.

When we approach (for example) marketing methods for a digital campaign, we would be thinking along the lines of content, social, apps, tablets, website development and search engines. Any number of these can be used in a digital marketing campaign, but you wouldn’t necessarily need to use all of them.

The success of a marketing campaign will be defined by its ability to make as many people as possible (in your target market) absorb your brand’s message. We don’t think you’ll do this by a billboard on the North Circular, unless awareness was measured by the number of hours that London’s ill-favoured motorists spent staring at it. But we’re In the digital world.

At Rhubarb Fool we want to diffuse your brand’s message across a bespoke selection of online streams . We want these streams to support and reinforce each other, and thereby provide a solution to brand communication that is integrated and holistic.

Pills online

Allow me a cliche. At Rhubarb Fool “we’re always thinking outside the box”.The digital world is constantly evolving and by way of this process it’s always generating new marketing opportunities. Let’s look at Vine.

It’s a social app, which allows users to capture and share a constantly looping 6-second video, for example. The potential that this had for marketers looking to create branded

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content is huge. It’s just one of the new marketing methods that Rhubarb Fool is harnessing.

To better illustrate out approach, let’s imagine we’re working with a young travel company, which had asked us to increase its profile. We might think about running a competition to engage potential punters. But, for that competition to work, we’d need people to know about it.

And how would we do this?

We might write a cost of abilify in australia witty article or produce a comical video to surround our competition? But that’s not all. From there, we’d be using all of our skills to get our great content published on a variety of high profile and targeted sites. These would encourage and incentivise our audience to visit a website that we would have had specifically made for the competition.

Then, we’d be working to inspire people to share and engage with the brand via the hashtag or Twitter handle we would have created for the occasion. And beyond that we’d look at have a Facebook page underpinning the whole process.

So I hope you can see how Rhubarb Fool would use content, website development, social sharing and all-round exposure to engage your target market. Once we’ve done that your target market will yield customer upon customer.

We want to give your audience more than a simple banner ad. We want to give it a whole brand experience that it can interact with.

Want to find out more then say hello!

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Rhubarb Fool is a multi-platform content provider

Entrepreneurial journalism. Part I.

At Rhubarb Fool we never stop reminding ourselves that you won’t deliver style, if you can’t deliver substance.

In no small part, the substance of Rhubarb Fool’s work is determined by the online content it generates. The greatest proportion of this contact comes in the form of the written word. And that’s what will will be the broadest focus of this piece. Good, accessible writing.

We’re also clear that the writing that we

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undertake as Rhubarb Fool is largely commercial. Its success or failure won’t be determined by the response of The Times Literary Review. However, at Rhubarb Fool we all love great writing and we all aspire to write well.

In our attempts to qualify the writing we produce, we’ve coined the phrase ‘entrepreneurial journalism’. It’s a phrase that you may have come across on our website. But please don’t get too alarmed. We’re not claiming to be great entrepreneurs and we’re certainly not claiming to be journalists. Rather, when we talk of entrepreneurial journalism, we’re talking about writing that helps our customers meet their commercial objectives.

If we approach writing in its generic form, the conclusion that our boardroom conversations have led us to is that good writing is underpinned by the author’s personality (having something worth saying in an attractive, engaging and interesting fashion) and accuracy (grammatical and factual integrity).


At the same time, anyone who has written a lot will know that (even if you have bags of personality and are the sort of person who loses sleep over a mis-placed comma or a questionable fact), writing involves a process.


Entrepreneurial journalism is, by its very nature, more process driven than its brothers and sisters in the literary or journalistic world. Essentially, the process

of entrepreneurial journalism demands not only preparation (that would be a prerequisite for any good piece of writing), it also involves planning. Our purpose is not only to deliver something that attracts and engages. It is also to deliver something that is functional. Something that does a great job for our Purchase customer.


So read on and let us set out the most important steps we’ve identified that could help you deliver good commercial writing. We hope that this piece guides you through the planning process to the point of execution and implementation.

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