We spent years living, breathing and staring out of the window thinking about travel.

At Rhubarb Fool we’re completely occupied by  Pills tourism and the markets it encourages.

We believe that tourism marketing has its own distinct niche in the world of marketing. Despite the standard similarities you’d expect, tourism marketing has characteristics that set it apart from generic practice.


Tourists are visitors. It sounds so obvious that it’s barely worth mentioning. But it’s of vital importance. It means we have to approach tourists as temporary fixtures in the market places we are working in. Consequently, tourists are exposed to our goods and services for much shorter periods of time. This audience transience demands smarter, leaner, more targeted marketing strategies. Essentially, we need to push all of our tourists’ buttons before they’re in the departure lounge.

In planning strategies for tourism marketing, the key words are emotion Cheap and experience. When you appeal to tourists on an emotional level, you’re far more likely to achieve the results you want. At Rhubarb Fool we believe that if you can offer tourists a unique and sought-after experience from their holiday, you’ll hold their attention.

But it’s also impossible to take a one-size-fits-all approach. Not all groups of tourists are the same. So at Rhubarb Fool we know which tourist demographics are more likely to prioritise sight-seeing and making family memories, and which ones want to hit the shops and the designers as hard as they can.

Our network of contacts is global in every sense of the word. It spans the worlds of travel, television, advertising and public relations, so you can rest assured that your message will be heard far and wide.


This kind of reach, added to our cutting edge creativity and innovation, is a winning formula. We know that just as there’s no use having a great campaign if there’s no one to interact with it, there’s no point spreading your message far and wide if it isn’t as striking and unique as it can be.


And of course at Rhubarb Fool we know that the most important thing is to ensure our customers’ marketing strategies are tailored to their needs. We incorporate our extensive knowledge of all things tourism with the latest trends and with your brand message. The result? A slick and creative marketing plan that will deliver outstanding results.

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