Video marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part II


Video marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part II

Video marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part II

Let Rhubarb Fool give some simple tips to help any video marketing project


Video Marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part 2

Step 2: Know what works for you and make sure that it's working for you.


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lighting and angles are vital elements of video production that you'll have to be completely on top of. But these are three different elements that are underpinned by the same process.

The camera operator will need to decide on the angle and position. This will largely be determined by the lighting, but would also need to take into account any other distraction that could occur in the background of the shot.

When the shot is backlit, the viewer will not be able to see the face of the interviewee or the facade of any items that might be being shown. If anything, it's always a good idea to start off by shooting the camera from the opposite direction of the window (or light source) to use the light to enhance and illuminate the image.

Of course, the angle at which a video is shot will be defined by the person behind the camera. In the piece of work we undertook for leading law firm Freshfields, we were well served by setting the camera just off to the side. This offered the interview feel so important to the legacy objective that the client was seeking. It wasn't rocket science we were just able to give the sense of the contributor speaking to someone slightly off camera.

When we undertake videos marketing that is targeting products or services, we like will position the camera head-on. This allows the contributor to speak directly to the viewer. It establishes trust and intimacy. But use this technique with caution. A subject looking directly at the camera can add an “infomercial” or “television commercial” quality to your interview. This can make it appear trite, superficial and impersonal. It can really detract from quality content.

Step 3: When you think you’re ready to start shooting, put your finger to the wind and think.

That equipment that looks ready to roll, perfectly positioned and accurately angled. Surely it’s time to roll! But just hold your horses for a moment.

Before pressing the record button, there are a couple of things to check on your camera. A stitch in time WILL save nine. One of two test runs with the interviewee speaking direct to microphone will allow you to make sure that all of your volume levels are where they need to be. And don't forget the lighting. Determining the correct white balance level in the camera settings, can make all the difference between a high quality and a low quality picture shot.

Last but not least, don't forget to check the camera focus. It's probably the most important part of the set-up to check before you shoot. If the camera is even a touch out of focus for some or all of the video shoot, those clips will only be suitable for littering the cutting room floor. It's a complete waste of time and the nature of video is that it won't just be your time that will have been wasted. It will have been your client's time. It's such things that can turn a potentially profitable commission into a liability.

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