Video marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part III


Video marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part III

Video marketing with Rhubarb Fool Part III

Let Rhubarb Fool give some simple tips to help any video marketing project

Step 4: Think of Ray Mears. Leave things how you found them.

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Having completed the video shoot, with all and sundry happy with the quality of footage that has been captured, it's time to tear down the set and get home for supper.

But please remember. You can't afford any rushes of blood or demob happiness. You have to take as much care dismantling the set as you took to set it up. Can you imagine how you'd feel, as the satisfaction of completing a good job diminished with the smash of an expensive lens or a beautiful decorative vase that your client had provided to add style.

Dismantle all equipment (be that yours or your client's) with care and consideration.  And you'll surely remember that checklist from Step 1? It's just as important at the end of a job as it is as the beginning of a job. Make sure you check off each item of equipment that you have taken to the shoot. You know what we were saying about commercial credibility. It's not something that would be helped by a client phoning you up to inform you that you've left a lighting rig behind.

In our experience highly effective artistic skills are completely compatible with highly effective organisational skills.

Step 5: No footage is bad footage


The moment you return to your office or studio, make sure you immediately import recently shot footage onto your computer or hard drive. Swiftly completing this task will minimise the risks associated with shooting onto that exact memory card at a later point.

It may also be that your ability to edit the footage that you've shot will be greatest immediately after you've shot it.  Even a coarse edit at this point can help you to capture that feeling you were trying to convey.

And a rough edit can kick off the process of feedback that's going to be so important to you meeting your commercial objective. Once you've received all the feedback you want (or you can cope with) you can start to finalise the editing process and implement the video into a focused marketing strategy!

Please remember as well. You could tattoo this step by step guide  onto the palms of your hands. But mistakes will be made. What Rhubarb Fool has tried to help you to do here is avoid the avoidable ones.

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Interested in harnessing the power of video-marketing. At Rhubarb Fool, we really know our onions. Check out how good our work is here.

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